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Sportpesa betting through sms orange

Step 4. Click on place a bet. Step 5. Click Ok to confirm or Cancel to decline. Step 6. A message will be displayed on your screen to confirm the placement of your Jackpot bet. NB 1: You are a winner when all your 13 predictions match with the games outcomes. The jackpot is equally shared amongst all winners. You will receive a confirmation SMS for your bet with your possible Jackpot win.

NB 1:You area winner when all your 13 predictions match with the games outcomes. Jackpot is equally shared amongst all winners. In this Mega Jackpot the winner will smile all the way to the bank with a minimum of Million Kenya Shillings! Sweet Kenya Money! The amount at stake for any gambler for the jackpot remains the normal Ksh.

The Jackpot winner will have to predict positively up to 17 matches to see him or hers become one hundred Million shillings richer. The Ksh. Try again. Do better the next time. To increase the chances to win SportPesa jackpot games, develop an interest in international football. Know the sport. You need to watch and follow the results of football matches as most teams have an established winning and losing pattern when playing against particular rivals.

Its easier to win at home, for example, and teams that have not won against a particular team recently will be unlikely to win. Successful sports betting, even on Jackpot games, favours the underdog teams. Understanding football also helps in predicting the goals margin. Avoid betting with your heart — your favourite team will not always win! How to deposit cash into SportPesa account through the Cash desk? To deposit simply go to our cash desk and pay-in.

Your transaction should be processed immediately and you will see funds in your account. As proof of your transaction, we will provide deposit slip signed by both parties. Getting your money out is as simple as putting your money in. The verification code will be sent to you. Your withdrawal request is: Ksh with ID How do I check my SportPesa balance? Hopefully, you will have made some successful wagers and you want to transfer money to your mobile money.

This is displayed on the top right pane of the website after you login to your Account How do I check my transaction from my SportPesa account Online? Overall Design and Operation The good thing about this sportsbook is the flexibility it offers to its users. You will get three solid betting platforms each tailored to suit a different section of the population. There is the comprehensive and professional-looking website, the smartphone app and the option to register and place bets through mobile SMS.

The website is the most comprehensive of all. You will get a detailed listing of all the available betting options on upcoming games. Ordering the games by league will be sufficient if you are interested in the top five leagues in the world of football while ordering by country will help you access other teams from across the globe.

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Possible options: HT1 CS00 - bet wins if there is no goal scored in the 1st half Extra time 2 x 15 minutes and penalty shoot-outs do not count. Total Goals Exactly Predict the exact total number of the goals. Own goals count. Euro Handicap Home team is getting advantage of 1 goal. Possible options: Home HC10 1 - bet wins if the Home team wins with any number of goals, or the match ends without winner Draw HC10 X - bet wins if the Away team wins with exactly 1 goal, i.

Away HC10 2 - bet wins if the Away wins with at least 2 goals difference, i. Euro Handicap Away team is getting advantage of 1 goal. Possible options: Home HC01 1 - bet wins if the home team wins with at least 2 goal difference, i. Draw HC01 X - bet wins if the Home team wins with exactly 1 goal difference, i.

Away HC01 2 - bet wins if the Away team wins with any number of goals difference, or the match ends in draw With over 70 games to choose from, not only are you spoiled for choice, but you can find all your favourites in one convenient place. No more queues, no more searching for games or betting options; you can sit back and enjoy the very best in online gaming from the comfort of your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Our seamless user experience and top-notch customer service is second to none. Payouts are also quick and simple. Our platform is safe, secure and reliable, offering a satisfying and hassle-free casino experience.