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Win place show betting software for sale

The traditional last leg of the three, the Belmont Stakes, was run first on June But if you need some pointers about how to lay down a bet without feeling like a rube, here are the basics. The most basic bets, called straight wagers, are Win, Place, or Show. You only cash in on a Win bet if your horse crosses the finish line first, but this is the largest payout of the three. If your horse wins, you pocket each of the Win, Place, and Show payouts.

If your contender finishes second, you still earn the Place and Show monies. The nag finished third? A variation is the Quinella, correctly picking the first two finishers in either order. Trifecta Like the Exacta, but this time you have to pick the top three finishers in the correct order. No easy task, but most tracks now allow for cent minimum Trifecta bets.

Horses cannot change lanes while going around the turns. If the horse has a veteran jockey the horse can cross two lanes and then move back to the lane in which it started the turn. An apprentice jockey can only cross into one of the adjacent lanes and cannot move back to the lane they started the turn on. To make up for not having as much flexibility, an apprentice jockey can move two extra spaces during one turn in the race. The blue horse is not able to pass into the lane until there is a space between the two horses.

A player must move their horse the full number of spaces in most situations. A player can choose to stop up to three spaces early if they can stop on a passing square. If a player is blocked by another horse and is unable to move any further, the horse has to forfeit the rest of their spaces. The race continues until at least four horses cross the finish line.

If more than one horse crosses the finish line during the same turn, the horse that moves the furthest past the finish lines takes the highest position remaining. If two horses end up the same distance from the finish line and one horse has a veteran jockey and the other has an apprentice jockey, the veteran jockey will place higher.

If both horses have the same type of jockey, the horse that reaches the space last gets the higher position. The green horse would place first since it moved the furthest past the finish line. The black and blue horses are tied. If one horse has a veteran jockey while the other has an apprentice, the veteran jockey will take second.

Otherwise second place will be determined by who crossed the finish line last. Finally the red horse would place fourth. Bidding and Payouts After the auction but before you begin the races each player will have the ability to bet on the race. Each player can make up to three bets. They can bet on one horse to win first place , one to place first or second place and one to show first, second or third place. A player can bet on the same horse for more than one of the bets. If there are only four horses in the race, no one can place a show bet.

To place a bet the player fills in the corresponding part of the betting slip and pays their bet to the bank. In addition to making win, place, and show bets; players can also make Daily Double, Baseball and Wheel bets. At the end of the race players will compare their bets to the results of the race.

In addition to paying out bets the bank pays out the winnings for each place in the race to the owner of each horse. Since the red horse won the race the player won their bet. If a player bid on a horse that they think the owner is sabotaging they can file a claim of foul against that owner. To lodge a foul complaint the player had to have bet on the horse that they think is being sabotaged.

Valid reasons to claim a foul include: A player not taking their apprentice allowance. Stopping three spaces early to land on a passing square. Choosing an unfavorable lane during the turns. When making a foul claim the player needs to give their reasons for the claim. If the claim is granted the player takes the foul claim card for the associated horse. After the race has concluded the foul claim is settled.

The owner of the horse reveals their bids. If they bid on any horse to place higher than their own horse the claim is upheld. The horse is disqualified and the player who bet on the horse gets their money back. The owner of the horse must also share half of all of their winning bids with the player who filed the foul claim. End of Game The game ends when all of the races have been completed.

The player with the most money after the last race wins the game. While the game does have rolling and moving in it, the designers combined those mechanics with horse racing to create a realistic horse racing game.

While the bidding is probably going to decide who ultimately wins the game, there is a surprising amount of strategy in the racing mechanic of the game. While most moves are probably going to be pretty obvious, you can make moves that can have a big impact on the race. Positioning, especially in the corners, is crucial to winning a race. By moving one horse you could potentially block another horse preventing them from even moving on a turn.

Probably the most important factor in doing well in a race is turn order. Since turn order is determined by a roll of the dice, this does add quite a bit of luck into the game. Based on my experience it is usually best to move earlier in each round. This allows a horse to pass other horses and get in the way of horses that have to move later in the turn. If a horse is stuck behind a lot of horses though it might be beneficial going later since they otherwise might be blocked and will have more flexibility.

What makes the racing aspect of the game interesting is the fact that each horse in the game races differently. Some horses get out to a fast lead but fade at the end of the race. On the other hand some horses start slow but catch up quickly at the end of the race.

This might feel like a gimmick but it actually works surprisingly well in the game. In one race I had a horse that fell behind quickly to the point that I thought it had no chance at placing in the race. Then in the last two turns the horse came out of nowhere and quickly passed enough horses to place.

This makes the ending of some of the races quite exciting. I will say that I am impressed with all of the options you have for making bids in the game. Not being an experienced gambler the bidding does seem to be a little too reliant on luck. More experienced horse race gamblers probably can form a strategy but for inexperienced horse race betters it kind of feels like you just randomly pick horses that you hope will win.

Basically I approached bidding by deciding if I thought the race was going to be short or long and then bid on horses that were good at the beginning or end of the race. This is probably due to not being much of a horse racing fan but I did not find the game to be one that you could immediately pick up and play.

Some of the types of bids are kind of confusing for people not familiar with horse race betting. The movement mechanics are not that difficult but it takes a while to get a hang of them.

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