electric or gas fireplace better
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Electric or gas fireplace better scottish independence betting

Electric or gas fireplace better

This is based on the national average kilowatt-hour at 12 cents drawing 1, watts 18 cents and 60 hours of runtime. They're also portable and can be easily moved from one location to another. The electric fireplace is a versatile, beautiful, and traditional way to add warmth and comfort to a living room or bedroom. Furthermore, they are also installed in a shorter amount of time than gas fireplaces, and you can customize them to fit your home's decor theme.

You can get better control over the temperature with an electric fireplace With your remote control or thermostat you can easily turn your electric fireplace on and off. There is no need to adjust your controls directly like you would on a gas fireplace. And because it's electric, the fireplace will always be warm and ready in a split second! Wall fireplace, tabletop and freestanding electric fireplaces are all great options for different occasions and spaces.

A linear electric fireplace is great if you want to add some style to your living room or other types of wall space. Having all of your controls in one place helps you easily maintain the heat in your home without having to adjust heat levels on a gas fireplace.

An electric fireplace offers better safety for your home A built-in electric fireplace is safer than a traditional fireplace because it doesn't use any open flames to heat the room. Almost all of the heat generated by an electric fireplace comes from an electric heater built into the fireplace. Your house is never at risk of catching on fire the way there is with a traditional fireplace.

There are no emissions because the source is the electric fireplace heater. Traditional gas fireplaces burn solid fuel, whereas an electric fireplace uses a fan to create a realistic flame effect. No smell is produced by electric fireplaces. Adding a fragrance or scented oil on top of your fireplace is a great idea to enhance the experience. Electric fireplaces are easier to install than gas fireplaces The clear choice for new home builders is to install electric fireplaces because electric fireplaces are not as difficult to install as gas fireplaces.

This greatly reduces the time and cost of your construction. Gas fireplaces require costly venting systems for installation. For example, some fireplaces come equipped with infrared technology and thermostats. Other energy saving features include controls for adjusting the heat output. Energy Consumption of Electric Fireplaces Eco Cost Savings decided to analyze electric fireplaces to better understand how much energy they use and whether or not they are efficient.

What their study found was on average an electric fireplace uses The most energy efficient electric fireplace that was tested was able to heat 1 square foot of space for every watt even though Btu was in the low range. Even at 1 square foot per watt, electric fireplaces are considered energy hogs compared to other appliances.

Energy Consumption of Gas Fireplaces Are gas fireplaces this energy efficient? There are two things that make comparing the energy efficiency of gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces somewhat complicated: Gas fireplaces tend to generate a lot more heat than electric fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces typically use 7,, Btus, but they generate three times more heat than an electric fireplace. They also heat the space more quickly. Where gas fireplaces fall short is the conversion from energy to heat. Although electric fireplaces may convert energy into heat better, they may end up getting used more hours than a gas fireplace to generate the same amount of heat. If the electricity that powers your home is generated by natural gas, then it can be argued that an electric fireplace is actually using gas.

Which Fireplace is the Most Energy Efficient?

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Electric vs Gas Fireplace Insert

AdFind Your FireplaceExcellent Service · Free Shipping · Authorized Retailer · Huge Selection. While electric fireplaces are cheaper and safer than gas fireplaces, gas fireplaces produce more heat and a more aesthetically pleasing flame. Electric fireplaces use electricity to run . 5/19/ · Gas fireplaces produce anywhere from 6, to 70, Btu, with an average of 25, to 40, Btu. On paper, gas fireplaces are less energy efficient than electrical .