new jersey sports betting rehearing vs new trial
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New jersey sports betting rehearing vs new trial smart crypto course beck

New jersey sports betting rehearing vs new trial

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Raymond Lesniak, who has spearheaded the state's fight to bring Las Vegas-style sports betting to its struggling casinos and racetracks, expects it will be a "few months" before the hearing takes place. Several states can already operate sports betting, but New Jersey has been shut out despite the will of our citizens.

We remain committed to seeing sports betting become legal in New Jersey, and this reconsideration is a positive and important development. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation in legalizing sports betting at the state's casinos and racetracks. The leagues have won every ruling throughout the case, but the ruling Wednesday is considered a big win for New Jersey.

Wallach said he believes New Jersey is the favorite to prevail in the rehearing but does not expect legal sports betting to take place immediately after the decision. The NBA, on the other hand, has changed its position on sports betting under commissioner Adam Silver and believes legal, regulated sports betting in a transparent market better protects the integrity of the game than the massive unregulated market currently serving the U.

The NBA remains in the case against New Jersey, though, because it prefers a federal approach to legal sports betting rather than state-by-state regulations. MLB and the NHL also have shown signs of a softening stance on legalization, but for now they're all fighting to stop New Jersey's efforts New Jersey must convince seven of 12 judges that its law complies with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. PASPA prohibits states from authorizing, sponsoring, operating or licensing sports betting.

Olson, New Jersey's lead attorney, originally argued that PASPA was unconstitutional, because it commandeered the state to uphold the federal statute.